Silicone Chicken Fillets Gel Breast Enhancer Bra Insert

    Forever Young

    Blends to your body and complement your natural silhouette. Gives a push up effect for natural and rounded full look, and a very sexy "cleavage";

    Very easy & comfortable to wear (feels like a second skin). The soft silicone insert will fit snugly and comfortable inside your bra cup. Can be used with under-wire, push-up or plunge bra and padded bra. It can even be used with swimwear.




    Boost Size





    ~ 0.5 Cups

    4.8 inch

    2.6 inch

    1.2 inch

    55 g/one side


    12 cm

    6.5 cm

    3 cm


    0.5~ 1 Cups

    5.3 inch

    3.1 inch

    1.6 inch

    75 g/one side


    13.5 cm

    8 cm

    4 cm


    ~1 Cups

    5.9 inch

    3.8 inch

    1.9 inch

    90 g/one side


    15 cm

    9.5 cm

    5 cm


    1 ~1.5 Cups

    6.5 inch

    4.3 inch

    2.4 inch

    110 g/one side


    16.5 cm

    11 cm

    6 cm

    Why Choose Silicone Breast Enhancers

    Silicone Breast Forms / Enhancers are a safe, inexpensive, painless and flexible alternative to breast implants, especially with our new high quality soft silicone enhancers. They will increase your bust size in an instant to help you fill out your bra and swimsuits. The pair will produce a push-up effect to create an amazing cleavage. The smaller of your orginal size, the more impact it will have. The high quality silicone enhancers are very natural, soft, comfortable and easy to wear, quickly warming to body temperature.

    The breast enhancers are made of 100% pure soft silicone gel, and can be reused again and again. They are in natural nude skin colour and give the appearance of extra breast tissue which creates a fuller size and shape. They are comfortable, safe and specially designed to have the natural look, feel and softness of real breasts. The silicone breast enhancer are coated with a sheer protective polyurethane exterior to keep it clean and easy to wash.

    How to Wear and care for the Silicone Breast Enhancer

    In horizontal oval shape, the pair breast enhancers are identical and can fit on either breast. It is suitable to be supported by most underwire bras to give much bigger breast profile from all angles. NO need for tape or adhesives! Dermatological tested, the breast form are safe in a bikini and can be washed in mild soap and water. Avoid excessive heat and lights.

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