Professional Dark Skin Tone Bust Female Mannequin Head

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    Forever Young

    Brand: Forever Young
    Type: Female Mannequin Head
    Tone: Dark Skin Tone
    Height: 17.5"
    Head Circumference: 21"
    Material: PVC
    Inset: Hollow

    This Dark Skin Tone Bust Female Mannequin Head is robust and lightweight. An ideal accessory item for storing and displaying your wigs, hats and other head accessories. The mannequin consists of face, shoulders and bust line. Made of high quality PVC, it is robust and will not break when dropped. The mannequin has dark skin tone, eyelashes, eyebrows and artist makeup for a realistic look. Height: 44.5cm. Head Circumference: 54cm. Weight: 1.66kg.

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