Light Blonde Weave Hair Bun

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    Forever Young

    Brand: Forever Young
    Type: 100% Synthetic Fiber
    Style: Weave
    Colour: Light Blonde (#613)
    Diameter: 16cm
    Weight: 40g
    Attachment: Drawstring and comb

    From the synthetic hair piece range at Forever Young, this weave hair bun is designed to give your hair a transformation in an instant with minimal effort. In light blonde, this hair bun is easily applied to the natural hair with attached clips inside for a secure, realistic hold.

    Why choose Forever Young hair pieces? 
    Made from only the finest Kanekalon synthetic hair, Forever Young has now become a well known established brand promoting a natural yet unique hair transformation in an instant for great price. With a large range style, length and colour there is a hair bun to suit every occasion!


    - Put your own hair in a bun, at your desired height, style.

    - Loosen the drawstring and open up the bun.

    - Ruffle and style the bun with your fingers, adding volume, as the pieces are packed flat.

    - Hook the mini comb in attachments under your bun and pull the drawstring attachment tightly.

    - Wrap the string under the bun to hide it, you can style the bun, before adding bobby pins to secure in place and hide the string.


    - Wash with normal shampoo in luke warm water. Shake off excessive water, wipe with a towel, and dry naturally.
    - Do not apply heat or normal hair spray to the hair bun
    - May last 2-3 months before the hairs begins to frizz, however reducing the frequency of washing will prolong the life of the wig.

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