Full Strap-On Silicone Breast Form Prosthesis. Straps Attached for Easy Secure Wear. Cup Size C, D, DD, F, G, H, HH, KK

    Forever Young

    This fantastic strap-on breast form will give you the freedom and fabulous shape all day long. Clear silicone back and shoulder straps are already attached to the breast form which gives you the security and freedom for everyday activities as the bra is the breasts and the breast is the bra. Go walking, dancing, running, jumping around, and even swimming, you can be assured the breast form will stay in place and you will not lose your shape. 

    Designed as enhancers or prosthesis for women with flat chest (very small or no breasts), It's also perfect for post op mastectomy and everybody else who wants an invisible support for a fabulous shape!!! The silicone enhancers can perfectly boost breasts by 3~10 cups size. The Pair warms to body temperature, have realistic European skin colour and raised nipples and are weighted which mimic not only the look but the feel, bounce and movement of real breasts. Waterdrop shape to match the curves of the chest cage giving perfect fit and comfort. The backs are slightly concave, making this an excellent fit for flat chest person. 

     Strap-On Waterdrop Shape Breast Form Size Measurement

    Weight t


    Boost Up 




    (Protrusion )


     2 Cups

    5.7 inch

    3.8 inch

    2.1 inch



     2~3 Cups

    5.9 inch

    4.1 inch

    2.4 inch



    ~3 Cups

    6.2 inch

    4.5 inch

    2.7 inch



    3~4 Cups

    6.4 inch

    4.7 inch

    3.1 inch



    ~4 Cups

    6.6 inch

    4.8 inch

    3.4 inch



     ~5 Cups

    6.8 inch

    5.0 inch

    3.6 inch



    ~6 Cups

    7.1 inch

    5.3 inch

    4.0 inch



    6~7 Cups

    7.5 inch

    5.7 inch

    4.5 inch



    ~9 Cups

    7.9 inch

    6.0 inch

    4.9 inch


    Tip for choosing size:

    To choose the size of a pair of breast forms, not only protrusion (cup size) should be considered but also the user’s band size (chest size). The average UK woman's cup sizes are D or DD. As a general rule, a person with bigger chest size would need a bigger cup size to be proportionately balanced, and symmetrical. But it is also perfectly fine for people with smaller chest size to choose a bigger cup size to show a higher protrusion.

    Instruction for use:

    Place the silicone breasts in a suitable underwire bra, then wear the bra, the breasts will mould to your chest curvature. You may also use the pocket bra specially designed for using with silicone breast forms. The pocket bra is available in my shop too.

    Taking Care of SiliconeBreasts:

    • After use, keep the breasts in the box received with order.
    • Hand wash with warm soapy water.
    • Dry gently with a soft material, do not use a dryer.
    • Keep away from excessive heat.
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